Injury Prevention Myths You’ve Been Told By Doctors, Friends, And Social Media – That Keep You In Pain, And Taking Pills

If you're suffering from an injury, whether that's shoulder, back, or other injury, you've probably heard "great" advice from your friends, family, or even doctors. However, a lot of these things aren't true and keep you in pain.


MYTH #1 - People Can Push Through Pain

This is one of the biggest myths I hear all the time, especially when I'm out on the course playing golf.

I've seen many people playing golf and pushing through their pain by taking pills and hoping it'd go away. Those things mask the pain but don't fix it.

Pain medications are not long-term solutions and people shouldn't rely on them to get better.

Taking pills can lead to more serious injuries in the future, so it's best to get the specialist help that you need rather than pretend like you're fine and mask it with painkillers.


MYTH #2 - You Don't Need To Be Fit For Golf

Another big myth I've been hearing all the time is that you don't need to be fit to play golf.

Being fit physically is important in golf as you need to be strong to swing a golf club efficiently and you need great balance.

Having great physical condition can prevent a lot of injuries. I've seen many people playing poorly because they're not in the best shape.

The sooner you take care of your body and health, the better chances you have for improving your game and avoiding injuries.


MYTH #3 - Rest Will Ease The Pain

Another myth that's also quite common is that resting will ease your pain.

The truth is that rest is important but it doesn't mean you must stay in bed all day without any movements.

If you stay still for a long period, your muscles and joints become stiff and it's more painful to try and move afterwards.

Intermittent rest while getting treatment is the best cure for your injury.

Are You Sad, Disappointed Or Even Frustrated About These Myths That Are Not True - Which Have Probably Led To More Pain?

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