Core Beliefs Of The Leading Injury Prevention Expert, Bonita Springs

After working with many golfers and other patients over the years, I’ve developed some core beliefs that I have about injury prevention. If you follow these steps, you are more likely to avoid injuries in the future.

BELIEF #1 – I don’t believe in playing hurt or trying to mask pain and stiffness with painkillers and anti-inflammatories

After many decades of treating golfers, one of the main things I’ve noticed is that people try to play with an injury thinking it will fix itself or that painkillers will help them get through it. I believe that golfers who do try to push through pain should be screened and should begin an exercise program to address the causes of stiffness and pain that can keep you away from the game longer. Physical therapy can help you recover from your injury fast and get back to playing golf and other sports.

BELIEF #2 – We All Need To Drink More Water

Many of us are chronically dehydrated robbing our cells of the vital water necessary for optimal function. A well-hydrated body has a better chance of healing itself. Golfers in Southwest Florida are more prone to dehydration simply because of the warmer climate. Remaining hydrated on the golf course becomes self-evident the longer you are in the heat, but adequate hydration needs to occur even when you are not on the course.

BELIEF #3 – Keep Moving

Avoid extended periods of sitting and binge-watching television or the internet. A body in motion stays better lubricated making movement easier. “Motion is lotion.” The more you move, the more supple you can remain and that movement should include stretching and mobility work to keep the joints moving through pain-free range of motion.

Can You See How Different We Are To All The Things You Tried To Fix Your Injury In The Past?

And this is why when people visit my clinic, they get results - even if they've spent years trying and failing with at-home stretches, countless doctors visits and scans, bottles of painkillers, and visits to chiropractors and massage therapists.

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