Why Is Everyone Talking About Dr. Mike Kriz? Here Are Just A Few Places Mike Has Been Featured In

Mike is a Certified Manual Therapist with decades of experience treating golfers and other patients with injuries. He’s a renowned injury prevention expert sought after by many organizations.

Host Of Regular Workshops

As the leading injury prevention expert in Bonita Springs, Mike Kriz has been specially selected by community organizations to host workshops and raise awareness of physical health and the importance of staying active.

Mike has been hosting regular workshops at local clubs and churches discussing some of the basic injury mechanics and most common reasons for injuries that can happen while playing golf.

A Certified Functional Manual Therapist

While many physical therapists earn their degrees and do not proceed with further training, Dr. Kriz has been ambitious and looking for new opportunities for personal and professional development.

Dr. Mike Kriz is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist, which gives him more expertise and insight into treating various injuries as opposed to an average physical therapist.

Golf Expert With Years Of Experience

Mike Kriz has spent almost all his life playing golf, which gained him a lot of experience and insight into treating golf-related injuries. Specialization as a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional provides him with insight into the golf swing mechanics that may lead to reinjury or exacerbation of injury and to develop programs to return golfers to the course without fear of reinjury.

Author Of Free Advice Reports

Throughout his career, Mike has been focusing not only on getting patients back to their health and improving their general well-being but also on educating them about correct movements so they can avoid injuries in the future.

Mike wrote several free advice reports, including “The Most Common Golf Injuries”, where you can find information on the best injury prevention tactics and staying healthy when playing golf.

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